Could A Ski Home Be Right For You?

So you’re looking for a scenic vacation home, or a place to move after retirement? Maybe you want a property you can share with family so you can all get the most out of it? There are definitely a lot of beautiful options out there, and among the most popular in Utah are the mountainside ski homes. Here at Park City Real Estate, we’ve put together a few of the biggest considerations people make when deciding whether or not to purchase a ski home that will no doubt help you decide as well.

  1. You’ve Got Options

If you really like the idea of a ski home, but aren’t sure about the prospect of buying a property, you’re in luck. While a ski house can certainly be yours, you might prefer to look into a ski condominium. They function similarly to co-ops in that the upkeep costs are shared among the “tenants” of the association. Anyone in the condo association is then free to use the property; it’s just a matter of scheduling time.

  1. Investment Potential

Some people are hesitant to purchase a property that they may not be using year round. Particularly if it’s only for skiing, you may find yourself wondering if it’s worth it. Fortunately, properties with easy access to ski facilities are always hot commodities. You can mitigate the costs of a house you won’t always be using by renting it out in the off season, or when you can be there to use it. The place still gets used, and you can enjoy some rental income.

  1. Ski-in, Ski-out

Both the most profitable and the most expensive ski properties, Ski-in, ski-out homes are ones with direct access to ski lifts and trails. Such properties can be rented for far more than one that’s a drive away from the lifts, and they’re also very easy to sell.

When choosing a vacation or country home, ski homes offer a great value in terms of activities, scenery and monetary worth. For information on ski homes in Park City or other homes in the area, visit us online or contact us anytime!


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